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👋 Welcome to our three newest members - Daniel NguyenMatt Visiwig and Matt Quinn.

Daniel is an engineer turned entrepreneur, currently growing a software consulting business and a SaaS - Backdrop.io.

Matt Quinn is a VC Scout at CalmFund.com who also loves to roast SaaS projects 🔥

Matt Visiwig is building SVG backgrounds and also completed a 24 hour launch on his new project this month 🚀

📊 The top shippers in the #wip Slack channel and our most helpful members will have a choice of rewards to choose from every 6 months.

Check out the Work In Progress Leaderboard!

🔥 Shulhi is the current top shipper and also has the longest shipping streak with a 3 week hot streak so far!

🙏 Daniel is our most active and thanked member since we started the leaderboard!

👾 The next CodeSwaps Hacker Hangout will now be in 2022. Dates will be announced next year! Come along to meet other members, chat about the projects you are working on and share your feedback and advice too!

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