I'm giving away $1500 of my own money

Simon D Member
Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.
I'm giving away $1500 of my own money

🚨 UPDATE 31st August 2020 🚨

I am now upping the stakes. I’ve already given away $500. For the rest of the giveaway instead of 4 more winners of $250 between September and December I am going to give away just one more prize of $1000 to one more person. The winner will be announced some time between October - December 2021.


How do I qualify?

Fill out this form telling us what you did to help us promote CodeSwaps. For example you might..

  • create engaging content about CodeSwaps on your blog
  • feature CodeSwaps in your Podcast
  • share CodeSwaps in your Newsletter
  • be an active member of the CodeSwaps community (optional)
  • something else to promote CodeSwaps


The winner will be the person who has most reach, influence, or who we feel tried the hardest.


When and how will the winner be chosen?

The team will sit down at the end of each month and go through all the entries. The final winner will be announced some time between October and December 2021. The moderating team (Simon, Dusan and Yuriy) will decide the winner.


How do I know this is real?

I will make a blog post similar to this one with a video announcing the winner. The blog post will mention why this person was chosen as well mention who else participated.


🏆 Previous Winners 🏆

1st winner - July 2021 - Dylan

2nd winner - August 2021 - Miriam



  • Payments will be made by Amazon gift card in USD.
  • Decisions by the moderator team are final.
  • Total giveaway $1500 (1 x $1000 Amazon gift card and 2 x $250 Amazon gift cards)